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The IRS has seemingly limitless resources to investigate taxpayers accused of failing to pay their taxes. In recent years, the IRS has devoted substantial efforts to locating offshore account holders who haven't properly reported their assets each year. Whether the IRS has already discovered you are in violation of offshore compliance reporting requirements or not, taking a proactive approach ASAP can protect your rights and minimize the potential penalties you face due to unreported offshore assets.

Though we encourage cooperation with tax authorities when appropriate, we are vigilant in protecting our clients from self-incrimination while avoiding prosecution and criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, solutions can often be found in the form of streamlined reporting procedures, penalty abatement, or payment plans of back tax obligations, including interest and penalties.

Foreign Compliance & Reporting Resolution Services include (as applicable):

  • Foreign bank account and foreign entity reporting (FBAR)
  • FATCA impact analysis & compliance plan development
  • Foreign trust reporting and compliance
  • Evaluation of appropriate disclosure options
  • Streamlined filing compliance procedure (domestic and international)
  • International tax audits and investigations
  • Cryptocurrency tax reporting and compliance
  • High income non-filer issues
  • Offshore private banking compliance
  • Form 5471 filing issues
  • Foreign tax credit audits
  • Foreign earned income exclusion audits

During your free initial consultation, we will spend time with you to understand your unique needs, concerns and goals as it relates to your offshore tax claim defense. And as always, the consultation is protected by attorney-client privilege.

NOTE: We represent clients who reside inside and outside the U.S. Face-to-face meetings are NOT required.