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Received a CP2000 or CP2501 Notice from the IRS? We’re Here to Help.

Our worry-free service is fast and simple. Your CP2000 (or CP2501) response will be prepared and submitted by a tax and audit defense attorney.

For a flat fee, we will work on your behalf to convince the IRS to reconsider its proposed assessment/penalties, as applicable. We make sure your response is complete, including evidentiary substantiation, thereby improving the odds of a successful outcome.

Typical types of mis-reported income or issues that lead to CP2000/CP2501:

  • Gambling income
  • Gig worker income
  • Merchant account seller income
  • Real estate sales
  • Stock and crypto sales
  • Non-business use of 3rd party processors

Getting Started is Easy as 1-2-3

STEP 1: Retain us and provide us a copy of your IRS notice and other requested information.
STEP 2: Your assigned tax attorney will create a legal and accurate IRS response on your behalf.
STEP 3: We will negotiate your case with the IRS, including in Tax Court (if needed).
  • Analyze your IRS letter (CP2000, CP2501, etc.) to determine which response strategy is best for your situation. We'll also assess whether you qualify for any penalty abatement (if applicable).
  • Prepare the appropriate response (supported by IRS tax code and evidence) to accompany your IRS response.
  • Submit the response to the IRS and negotiate a successful outcome on your behalf.
Q. What is a CP2000 or CP2501 Notice?

A. When income or payment information the IRS has received from third parties such as employers, vendors, banks, casinos, etc. doesn't match the information you reported on your tax return, the IRS sends these notices for you to review (and dispute, as necessary). This discrepancy may cause an increase or decrease in your tax or may not change it at all.

Q. Is this something that I need to pay now?

A. No, the letter is simply notifying you of a discrepancy between the information the IRS has, and the information reported on your tax return. If the discrepancy remains unresolved, you will typically receive a subsequent notice and a bill at a later date.

Q. How long will this process take?

A. Document gathering and response preparation time typically takes about a week, although it may be longer if our information requests are not timely answered. Once the response is submitted, the IRS typically will make a determination within 60-90-days. Schedule a Consultation with us to determine how we can resolve this matter for you. We do not recommend contacting the IRS or trying to handle this on your own.

Q. Why are IRS transcripts needed?

A. Transcripts are used to confirm (1) the validity of the notice received form the IRS; (2) the information that has been reported to the IRS and accuracy of the amounts reported on the notice; and (3) whether you may qualify for any penalty abatement (as applicable).

Q. What is the cost of your unreported income audit defense service?

A. We charge a flat-fee of $1500 for this service. This includes transcript analysis, complete response package assembly, form preparation, IRS submission, negotiation on your behalf, and if needed, appeal (at no extra cost). Because every situation is different, we recommend you Schedule a Tax Consultation so we can discuss your case in detail.

Dispute your proposed IRS assessment with a trusted tax and audit defense law firm.