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We are a full service tax law firm, offering a wide range of IRS tax resolution services for individuals and small businesses. We are available to help clients across the U.S. with complex tax controversies. We offer phone, online or in-person consultations and each of our tax resolution services come at an affordable fixed cost so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Our goal is to create certainty for your future through a customized tax solution designed to fit your specific situation and needs. We also represent individuals in all stages of their civil disputes with the IRS, Department of Justice, or other agency inquiry. Further information on our Tax Litigation Defense Practice is available here.

NOTE: We represent clients who reside inside and outside the U.S. Face-to-face meetings are NOT required.

Our firm offers audit representation to individuals and small businesses. In addition to standard income tax audits, we also defend focused tax credit audits (R&D credits, Employee Retention Tax Credits, etc.). Learn More ►
Tax levies can have a significant impact on your life. The IRS and state taxation authorities have the power to garnish your wages and levy your bank accounts if you have not paid your taxes in full or have not worked out some other form of a resolution. If the IRS has initiated levy proceedings against you, there’s still hope, and you don’t have to take on the IRS by yourself. Learn More ►
A tax lien is the first major step the IRS takes against taxpayers in order to collect delinquent taxes. The IRS uses the lien to secure claim to assets in order to ensure the taxpayer pays their taxes owed. Understanding how a tax lien works is important in order to figure out how to get the IRS to remove it. Learn More ►
The IRS can (and does) assess nearly 150 different types of penalties each year. If you are hit with IRS penalties, you may be eligible to have the penalties abated. This means the IRS may agree to completely or partially remove/forgive the penalty. Due to IRS procedures, this is very often accomplished at the IRS Appellate level. Learn More ►
An Offer in Compromise is a tax settlement method offered by the IRS. Consequently, it allows taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than they owe. Learn More ►
If you're financially unable to pay your tax debt immediately, you may qualify for an Installment Agreement (IA). An installment agreement with the IRS means they will allow you to make smaller periodic payments over time if you can’t pay the full amount owed at once. Learn More ►
If you are unable to pay taxes owed to the IRS because payment would prevent you from meeting basic living expenses, we can request that collection efforts stop until you’re able to pay. Although penalties and interest will continue to accrue, the IRS will not actively pursue the liability while the debt is frozen. We will present documentation of your circumstances to the IRS to maximize your chances of being granted non-collectible status. Learn More ►
If you owe back IRS Payroll Taxes, the IRS can and will be very aggressive in its collection attempts. And the penalties the IRS can assess to a liability can drastically increase the amount owed in a very short period of time. Learn More ►
If you need an ITIN, we are available to counsel you through the process and assist in completing and filing the required IRS form to make the process simple and easy. Learn More ►
Spouses who file joint tax returns or who simply sign a tax return that their partner has prepared often discover they're being held responsible for back taxes caused by the ex-spouse. If you believe your current or former spouse should be solely responsible for an incorrect item or an underpayment of tax on your joint tax return, you may be eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief. Learn More ►
Many of our clients seek assistance with filing delinquent or missing tax returns after not filing tax returns for one or more previous tax years. Our firm offers tax return preparation to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small businesses to ensure a smooth resolution process. Learn More ►
The sale or other exchange of virtual currencies (i.e. Bitcoin, Dash, Ether, Zcash, etc.) generally has tax consequences that could result in tax liability. We're ready to help you with compliance. Learn More ►


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