IRS Tax Debt Relief in Grapevine, TX

Many taxpayers fall behind in paying their taxes for any of a variety of reasons – major health issues, divorce, job loss or loss of income. The amount of tax owed can quickly add up to an amount you fear you will never be able to pay, so you quit filing your returns and hope the IRS does not notice.

Maybe you’re worried that coming forward will get you into more trouble. Maybe you think if you come forward, you will find out the amount you owe will end up being even larger than you imagined. Or you think if you keep quiet, the IRS might overlook you. Wrong.

Not doing anything is about the worst thing you can do, but what many taxpayers don’t realize is just about everything is negotiable with the IRS – with the correct approach. Our law firm exclusively works for clients with tax issues just like yours. We know how to negotiate with the IRS and we know how to ensure they follow the law and their own regulations when our client issues are involved.

A Personalized Approach to IRS Tax Debt Resolution

If you do not qualify for tax forgiveness (most individuals don’t), but you still cannot pay your entire tax liability in one payment, we can assist in setting up a payment plan with the IRS on your behalf. The payment plan is designed to make repaying your tax debt more manageable. You may also qualify for a Partial Payment Installment Agreement where smaller payments are made that total less than the original liability owed. These are just a couple of ways we can assit you in resolving your IRS tax debt. When we conduct a full financial analysis, we’ll be able to provide a clear roadmap to resolution based on your unique circumstances.

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