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Do you have IRS debt and owe back taxes that are a threat to your practice and career? Are you looking for an IRS payment plan or other help resolving your tax problem? If so, you are not alone. And while you may recognize the importance of dealing with tax issues as they arise, building your practice  and mastering your specialty is difficult and time consuming enough.

The good news is that tax debt reduction programs under federal law provide real relief for professionals such as yourself. But these programs can be very complex to navigate. We can help you solve your IRS related issues by leveraging the law in your favor and potentially can save you thousands of dollars. For instance, we may be able to negotiate an IRS payment plan or structure another solution, based on your individual circumstances? Either way, you are not alone and we’re ready to help, starting TODAY.

IRS Tax Debt Relief Process

The process of settling IRS debt is a lengthy one. It requires a strict adherence to time and filing requirements. You have the right to appeal a denied submission as well, including in administrative hearings or before the U.S. Tax Court. During these types of proceedings, you have the right to be represented by counsel. Don’t take on the IRS alone. Contact us today to discuss your case and we’ll quickly determine if we’re the right fit.

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